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Serving in the Square:
Equipping Servants for Leadership in Divisive Times.

An Eight Week Journey to Courageous Leadership

If Christians are going to lead, they need the right tools.  


Serving in the Square is an 8 week program, that explores:


  • Biblical models of leadership

  • What the Bible says about different forms of government

  • Leaders serving faithfully pagan and hostile governments

  • How religious freedom impacted the founding of America

  • The intersection of revival and rationality leading to the American Revolution

  • Where can Christians serve in the public square today

Lesson 1 - Citizenship and Leadership

Week 1 - Citizenship and Leadership

Reviewing the writings of Peter and Paul, Lesson 1  explores these questions:

  • When should Christians submit to authority?

  • Can non-Christians serve a Kingdom purpose in government?

  • What leadership characteristics are important in government?

  • What is servant leadership?

Lesson 2 - Forms of Government

Week 2 - Biblical and Modern Forms of Government

How has government evolved since Biblical Times?

  • Patriarchal Forms

  • Moses's form of federalism

  • Kings and Monarchy

  • Democracy and Republics

  • Socialism

  • Communism

  • Can Christ be at the center of a modern government?

How do these models fit in with the Bible's teachings?

Lesson 3 - Faithful Leaders in Faithless Lands

Week 3 - Faithless Leaders in a Faithless Land

Is there a place for people of faith to serve in a world of non-believers?

In lesson 3, we explore three stories of courage and leadership:

Joseph - How tough lessons and faith shaped him into one of the most powerful leaders in the world.

Daniel - How unapologetic devotion to God blended with humility helped him change the hearts of three generations of pagan kings.

Nehemiah - How relentless focus on fulfilling a mission God placed on his heart rebuilt walls, and reignited faith.

Lesson 4 - Faith and the American Colonies

Week 4 - Faith and the American Colonies

How does the Christian heritage of the early colonists affect our view of government today?

  • Religious influences of the first legal codes in America

  • The Mayflower Compact

  • The City on the Hill

  • Religious Tolerance

Lesson 5 - Awakening and Enlightening America

Week 5 - Awakening and Enlightening America

How did the combination of religious revival and rational enlightenment lead to the American Revolution?

  • Did religious revival light the flames of rebellion in the colonies?

  • Were the colonists united by a common faith with separate denominations?

  • Were the principles of the Enlightenment at odds with Christian teaching?

  • How did the Enlightenment temper the Great Awakening?

Lesson 6 - 
Faith and the Founders

Week 6 - Faith and the Founders

  • How did the founders view God's role in the American Revolution?

  • Is the Declaration of Independence an expression of faith?

  • What were the founders' relationships with God like?

  • How did Lincoln's faith end slavery?

Chapter 7 -
Today's Issues in the Public Square

Week 7 - Today's Issues in the Public Square

What does the Bible say about today's issues:

  • Racism

  • National Identity and Immigration

  • Charity and Work

  • Environmentalism

  • Equality before the law

  • Male-Female relationships

Chapter 8 - Places in the Square to Serve

Get to Know Us

How do we use the information we learned to serve our communities?

  • Does the separation of church and state prohibit Christians from serving?

  • Can I serve my community government without running for office?

  • What are the levels of government?

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