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About the Author

Don Petrille

For over twenty-five years, Don Petrille has worked at the intersection of law, politics, government and faith.  He is a practicing attorney, former elected public official and accomplished speaker.


     Twice elected as Bucks County's Register of Wills and Clerk of the Orphans' Court, Don's public duties included sitting as a hearing officer in disputed will contests and maintaining court records.  Applying new technologies with modern organizational leadership principles, his team increased productivity by over 20%, eliminating certain fees while increasing revenues.  During his time in office, Don was a steward of over $3.5 million of public funds.  His department spent less money in his last year in office, than it did in his first.

     Running for office in a large suburban county, Don learned the challenges people of faith in public office face from the secular powers of the world.  He was sued by the ACLU for holding true to the traditional definition of marriage, facing vile criticism and threats for months.  In his public position, Don was an advocate for adoption, private charity good public stewardship.  His peers in county government across Pennsylvania recognized him by electing him President of the Registers of Wills and Clerks of the Orphans' Court Association of Pennsylvania, and the Pennsylvania State Association of Elected County Officials.  The Pennsylvania Judiciary sought his advice for the creation of modern judicial computer systems, privacy policies and reporting requirements for guardians of vulnerable incapacitated persons.     Today, Don advises candidates in their campaigns, produces media and serves as a state committeeman supporting, endorsing and electing candidates.


For over two and a half decades, Don has advised small businesses and individuals on legal matters.  He has presented cases in the state and federal courts and is recognized as an expert in fiduciary and probate matters in Pennsylvania.  Don brings a commitment to transparency, fairness and civility to his legal practice.  Don's clients benefit from his broad experience negotiating contracts, forming business entities, obtaining capital, closing real estate transactions, administering estates and trusts and administering estates.

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Bring Don to Your Event

As a legal expert, author and former public official, Don has spoken to large and small audiences and facilitated seminars on topics such as:

  • Serving in the Square

  • Nationalism, Evangelism and the Church

  • Bringing Civility Back to Our Politics

  • Faith and the Declaration of Independence

  • Business Basics and the Law

  • Planning Your Estate

  • Developing Leadership in Your Team

Don accepts invitations throughout the U.S. to speak, moderate panels and teach small groups.   

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